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A core part of The Hermes Experiment’s vision is that classical music can be relevant to everyone, and that it is worth challenging many of the stereotypes and formalities with which it is often associated. We also believe that contemporary classical idioms are a powerful, engaging and flexible tool that can be put to excellent use in learning and participation work.

In practice, we always strive to present our music in a way which engages a broad range of audiences with contemporary classical music, including through the use of spoken programme notes and carefully planned staging and theatricality. However, we also recognise the broad range of educational, developmental and health benefits that can come from the application of music in specific creative learning and participation contexts. We are therefore committed to such work (details of which are listed below), and believe that we have something unique and productive to offer. As an ensemble, our unusual combination gives exposure to minority instruments and unique sounds, and the presence of a singer ensures easy access to text where appropriate. The extensive part played by free improvisation in our work is also relevant in approaching the flexibility, accessibility and interaction demanded creative learning and participation work, and we believe that the significant theatricality in our performances is also valuable in such contexts.


Wigmore Hall Chamber Tots Series 2014-15Music-making workshops for children aged 1 to 5 and their parents/carers. We develop workshops featuring singing and movement, as well as giving a chance to explore our ensemble’s instruments close up.


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11th November 2014

30th January 2015

7th May 2015

14th October 2015

wigmorehall_1 Wigmore Hall ‘For Crying Out Loud!’ ConcertsFor Crying Out Loud! concerts provide an opportunity for new parents and their babies to enjoy a programme of chamber music in an accommodating environment.


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23 September 2015

Purcell School, Workshop with young composersWorking with young composers, using improvisation – introducing our instruments, experimenting with new sounds, helping to develop musical ideas.



18 March 2015



Ensemble Members

Anne Denholm


Oliver Pashley


Marianne Schofield

Double Bass

Hanna Grzeskiewicz

Hanna Grzeskiewicz


Heloise Werner

Soprano / Co-Director