Fishguard International Music Festival

St Mary’s Church, Fishguard, 2pm

Gareth WoodBlake Canticles

Giles Swayne, Chansons dévotes et poissonneuses

Misha Mullov-Abbado, The Linden Tree

Emily Hall, I am living simply and We’ve reached the end of the ending

Richard Rodney Bennett ‘Slow Foxtrot’ from A History of theThé Dansant (arr. Pashley)

Meredith Monk, Double Fiesta (arr. Denholm)

Prokofiev, Visions Fugitives, Nos 1, 3, 7 And 16 (arr. Schofield)

Debussy, Rêverie & Voiles (arr. Pashley & Schofield)

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