Tunnell Trust Tour

St Andrew’s Hall, Strathearn Terrace, 7.30pm

Debussy, Mandoline (arr. Werner) and Fantoches (arr. Schofield)
Giles Swayne, Chansons dévotes et poissonneuses
Richard Rodney Bennett (arr. Pashley), ‘Slow Foxtrot’ from A History of the Thé Dansant
Soosan Lolavar, Mah Didam
Freya Waley-Cohen, We Phoenician Sailors
Prokofiev (arr. Schofield), Visions Fugitives no. 1, 7, 8 and 16, op. 22
Rachmaninov (arr. Denholm), Fragments, op. posth
Loch Tay Boat Song
(arr. Denholm) + Scottish reel (arr. Schofield)
Leonard Bernstein (arr. Millwood), I Hate Music!