Creative: LOVESCAPES 1 – Ed Scolding on his new piece ‘Inhabiting Sky’

I really liked the stark web of angles in the photo – where the strands of the lattice connect from our perspective and actually, where the heavier verticals fall, the patterns that can be found, the journeys you can make from bottom to top by following one connection or another.

I analysed a section of the crane to measure lengths and connections, using this data as a source to develop music material – for example, in the opening section the pauses between chords relate to the distances between selected points along the crane.

I imagined the piece as a slowly moving gaze, starting at the bottom of the photo then gradually working up and taking in the whole picture, with the hand layered in and softly disrupting the bold, hectic order of the crane.

Inhabiting Sky will be premièred at Crypt on the Green on Saturday 20th June.