Graphic score submissions so far

Ahead of (and as part of ) our performance on the 5th June, Nonclassical launched a competition asking for submissions of new graphic scores for us to film and also perform on the night. The competition is open until midnight on 4th June, but we have already received some truly fantastic entries.

Here are some of the entries we have received so far:

SPILLIGAN p. 7 by Christie O'Regan

SPILLIGAN p. 7 – Christie O’Regan

See a performance of it here: 


Woven visual score by Annie Milward

Woven visual score – Annie Milward

See a performance of it here: 


Murmuration no. 1 - James Joslin

Murmurations no. 1 – James Joslin

See a performance here: 


Other wonderful entries included:

Schilderwald di maggio

Schilderwald – Dan & Diego Di Maggio


anatomy adam young

Anatomy – Adam Young


Keep sending your entries in! We will perform the best ones on 5th June, 8pm, Shacklewell Arms.