Andy Ingamells

Andy Ingamells is an experimental musician developing unusual methods of composition that blur the line between composer and performer.

Examples of his work include a 24-hour performance disseminating brief instructions via the internet to be interpreted in over 30 countries worldwide, expanding the notion of musical indeterminacy to read aspects of everyday life as notation, inventing the game of violin cricket, and a five-day performance-journey across Europe inspired by organ music.

His work has been performed in the National Portrait Gallery, the Handel & Hendrix House Museum and Café Oto in London, the Orgelpark and Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam, the Lapidarium of Kings in Copenhagen, Walled City Festival in Derry, Wunderbar Festival in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and Cheltenham Music Festival.

Andy is a graduate of the Master Artistic Research programme at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, and completed his bachelor study at Birmingham Conservatoire, winning the BMus Prize and the Orchestral Composition Prize, in addition to the Composition Department Prize for his destructive Piano Recital. He is currently a PhD candidate supported by the Midlands3Cities Doctoral Training Partnership, and the aim of his research is to introduce an expanded compositional practice that will serve as a blueprint to equip composer-performers with invaluable skills to question existing orthodoxies within a changing music world.


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